The pension management software is a web application for the management of a pension/hotel or general accommodations. The focus is currently on small to medium-sized pensions/hotels.

As my parents' house had an integrated pension, I myself came into contact with the organisation and management of the pension very early in my life. It didn't take long for me to manage it myself - even if only temporarily - and to take over all tasks that came up. This included guest communication by mail or telephone, managing reservations in the reservation book, writing invoices, breakfast buffet, room cleaning and also accounting.

The management was often tedious and time-consuming, as everything was still done analogously with pen and paper or with a typewriter.

For this reason, the basis for a web-based software for managing a pension or hotel was laid in 2014. The goal should be to first equip the own pension with it and to see if the approach is practicable. Now, more than 6 years after the first implementation of the pension management software, a consistently positive conclusion can be drawn. The software is in continuous use and is constantly being further developed. The old, manual and paper-based approaches to pension/hotel management have largely been replaced. Reservations are recorded in the application. Reservation confirmations are sent and invoices are generated.

Since this process optimization could also be interesting for other small to medium-sized accommodations, the decision was made to offer the software as an open source solution free of charge.

The result is a web application that has been continuously adapted to the requirements of guesthouses or small hotels through my own experience, making it a powerful companion for managing accommodations. The software can be accessed with any current browser and managed with a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Since not everyone has the technical background to set up the software on their own, we also offer support in the form of a cloud-based solution. Here no technical knowledge is required. We take care of setting up and running the software and you take care of managing your accommodation and guests using the management software.

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On the following pages you will find the documentation for the management software to set up and use your pension or hotel in the application.

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