Templates can be created in the pension management software and reused in different areas of the application to customize exports to PDF or e-mail. Defined placeholders are used, which are replaced with the real data in the respective place during generation.


Templates can be used within the application for the following purposes:

  • Create invoice (PDF)
  • conversations for a reservation
    • Send e-mail to the guest
    • general PDF as e-mail attachment (e.g. AGB)
    • reservation related PDF file (e.g. reservation confirmation)
  • GDPR Export for one guest (PDF)
  • Cash book export (PDF)

Templates overview

The templates can be managed under Settings -> Templates. Here is an exemplary overview:

Templates Overview

Example templates

If you use the application for the first time, you can copy the provided examples and adapt them for your needs.

  1. Please copy the content of the examples from the respective example file from here .
  2. Switch to the template overview of the application and click "Add template".
  3. Select template type and switch to the source code view as shown in the picture.
  4. In this view replace the complete content with the content copied from step 1 and click "Save".
The following examples exist:
sample file Template type
dsgvo-export.txt PDF for GDPR Export
email-buchungsbestätigung.txt E-mail template for reservations
kassenblatt.txt PDF Cash sheet
pdf-reservierungsbestätigung.txt PDF template for reservations
rechnung-default.txt PDF Invoice

Add Template

The template type can be selected under "Add template" when creating a template, as shown in the following picture:

Templates New

Templates can be visually adapted to your own needs with the help of the editor.

The field additional parameters (JSON string) contains parameters which have influence on the exported PDF document.

  • orientation
    • 'P': Portrait
    • 'L': Landscape
  • the others, according to their names, have an effect on the page margins (data in pixels)

In addition, different blocks can be inserted into the template depending on the template type. These placeholders are then filled with the respective data during the actual export. Thus, a generally valid template for e.g. invoices can be created in this overview. The placeholders are then replaced with the real values when a selected invoice is created.

Add block/placeholder

By clicking on the Add Template icon in the editor, all available placeholders are displayed. The list varies depending on the template type selected.

Add Template

Then select the placeholder you want to insert from the list and click on "Save".

The placeholder is inserted at the position where the cursor is located.

Here is an example for the template type PDF invoice:

Template Example Insert
Insert images

If you want to have images, such as your company logo, in the document, the management software allows you to upload images by clicking on the image icon, as shown in the picture below:

Template Image Insert

Images are then uploaded and inserted where the cursor was last positioned.


When you click on the symbol Edit in the overview under Actions you get the form for editing. Here you can edit all fields the same way as when you add an item.


If you click on the symbol Delete under Actions in the overview, the selected element can be deleted.