Via the menu item Settings -> Price list you can access the administration of the room prices. On the basis of the price categories, the individual items are filled in when an invoice is created.

Prices Overview

In the overview all existing prices are listed.

Prices Overview

Add Price

Click on Add price to open the mask to create a new price category.

Prices Add
Allgemeine Angaben
A distinction is made between two types:
  • Room price
  • Miscellaneous Price

The tax rate (e.g. 19% / 7%) can also be freely selected.

Furthermore, for each reservation origin a separate price category can be saved.

Only active price categories are considered for the automatic calculation of invoice items. If a category is no longer valid, you can delete it or deactivate it temporarily.

Time Periods
Price Periods

Seasonal information can be added to each price category. A price category is then only valid in the specified periods.

Room specific
Room Specific

For each price category, it is also possible to determine for which room category the price should apply and for how many persons in a room.

In addition, a further restriction of the price category can be added. The Minimum stays field is used to specify the number of overnight stays from which the price category is to apply. This is helpful if you have different prices depending on how long a guest stays.


If you click on the symbol Details you get the detail view.


When you click on the symbol Edit in the overview under Actions you get the form for editing. Here you can edit all fields the same way as when you add an item.


If you click on the symbol Delete under Actions in the overview, the selected element can be deleted.