Increase productivity for your accomodation with FewohBee

Welcome to FewohBee, a web based managment tool for your hotel, pension, accomodation or vacation home.

About the application

The hotel management software for small to medium-sized pensions and hotels, usually also called Property Management System (PMS).

I myself grew up in this field and managed a pension during the owner's absences. Since I can think back, the entire administration has been done analogously with paper and pen. That means that in a big reservation book the rooms and their occupancy were noted. Invoices were filled out and printed out either with the typewriter or on the PC separately. As a software developer I saw very quickly that there is room for optimization. That was when the software was born.

The goal of this open-source tool is to help smaller accommodations to replace the hand written approach to manage rooms, to improve productivity by combining all information which, finally, ends in a time reduction to manage the guesthouse.

This software is open-source and can be used free of charge.

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When you do not have the technical background to run the application on your own, we offer different solutions on how we can help you to bring your business to the next level.

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We’d love your open and honest feedback on the application. You can contact us via mail or raise an issue on Github for improvements or new features you wish!

Application Features

FewohBee is shipped with features to manage your accomodation


In the reservation overview you are able to see and edit reservations.


Manage your guest's data (including a GDPR export function).


Easy way to create invoices for reservations and export them to PDF.

Cash Journal

Manage your income and expenses following the example of a cash register.


Customise your Invoices, reservation confirmations etc.


Send mails regarding a reservation from within the application.

Calendar Export

Synchronize your calendars with booking portals like Airbnb,, etc.


Show statistics about you business like the utilization.


The application offers an extensive way to manage your rooms, subsidiaries, price categries and many more.


Below is a short overview on how the hotel management software looks in action.

Choose the plan that works for you

Our plans are per installtion for one company or owner of a guesthouse. You can manage as many subsidiaries and rooms as you want that belong to your business.

Community Version
Cloud Starter

Cloud and individual plans are planned for the future. If your are interested, please get in touch with us!

The prices and options listed here are preliminary and may change.

Which plan to choose?

With the self-hosted version, you have the full flexibility to install the application on your own servers and have control over your data, but it takes time and knowledge to host and maintain the software.

Our cloud versions are based on a cloud management version, so you don't have to worry about all the technology. We set up the management software and provide the infrastructure. You can use the software immediately over the Internet without any restrictions. Depending on the version you choose, you will receive priority support from us and we will help you to set up and customize your templates.

You have specific requirements for your data or you just want to keep control of your data? Then choose for example the individual plan . We set up a small device on which the application is installed. You can simply connect the device to your local network at home or in your company network. Automatic scripts ensure that your software is regularly updated. If you are interested in this locally running version, please contact us contact us and we will provide you with a custom-fit offer.